For Your Comfort

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At Hilde Family Dentistry, you will experience a positive dental experience in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. To reduce anxiety, pass the time or simply provide distraction, a variety of relaxing materials are available to suit your needs. From music to T.V. or a good movie, you will have a number of comfort options at your finger tips.

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Hilde Family Dentistry has invested in dental exam technology that provides each patient with state of the art care and treatment. Using a noninvasive small exam camera and digital x-rays, you can view your dental exam results on a large monitor along with the dentist, Dr. Jason Hilde. This ensures that all of your questions are answered and that you have a clear understanding of your dentistry needs. These modern technologies also promote patient safety through significantly less exposure to radiation and conventional x-rays when examining your teeth.

A calming and relaxed dental environment, state of the art technology for the dentist and an experienced staff will leave you with a fresh and confident smile.