Recent Testimonials

Very Good. My wife and I were treated well.
Lon Dunham,
Always a great experience. Thank you Dr. Hilde and all your team of professionals.
Kim Walley, 9/29/2015
I am so happy with having moved from another local dentist to the Hilde Family Dentisty? Dr. Roberts and his crew are truly like family. They sing, whistle and even give hugs. I had a really bad day at work and Dr. Roberts felt something wasn't right when he was talking with me during my visit. Instead of brushing me off, he asked me what happened. I spilled the beans and he made me feel so happy and relaxed for having just listened. His encouraging words made me feel like a part of the family. I was then given another hug from his receptionist and when I left there I felt better in the long run. Plus I got 2 new fillings :) I am so happy with my decision to move to another Dentist. THANK YOU HILDE FAMILY???
Kasey Chavez , 7/17/2014
I took my five year old and I have never seen him sooooo comfortable in a dental chair! He took 2 xrays like a champ. He absolutely loves coming in (once he gets out of the car)! Thank you so much!! I love how friendly the dentists and staff are!
Daniee Fenical,
Everyone was nice, understanding, and did everything they could to make the dental procedure comfortable and stress free
Raandi Simpson-Goss, 6/3/2015
I went to the same dentist in Bellevue for 25 years. I was scared to change dentists. I decided it was time to select a dentist in the Skagit Valley. I asked retired dentists and oral surgeon who to go to. The list was not short but the name that kept coming up was Dr. Jason Hilde. I knew Jason because of some of the charitable work he does in our community and as a dentist I could not be happier. The work is great and the pain (my fear) is non-existant. Thank you Dr. Hilde. 12-30-2013
Peter Browning,
I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in dentist chairs or how many different dentists I've been to but the first dentist that I was a patient of, was when I was 17 and about to graduate from high school That was 58 years ago. And I can tell you this....The time that I spent in Dr. Hilde's office yesterday was the least painful. the least stressful, and the most pleasant ever. I thank everyone who works there for their kindness and warmth. Sincerely, Ann Nebeker
Ann Nebeker , 3/7/2014
I really thought that Kevin did an awesome job and was a pleasure to meet him and have him as my hygienist that day. In my 52 years going to the dentist he was my first male hygienist to do my cleaning.
MeLinda Swope, 5/31/2015
It was my first time and I was very pleased with everything. Looking forward to getting my dental work done in a manor I can afford.They worked me in on a emergency and I was so pleased, as I had been up all night in pain.
Vicki Johnson, 11/8/2015
I'm very pleased with the cleaning I was given today. Very thorough and gentle. Very friendly and professional as well.
Don Beck, 9/24/2015