Recent Testimonials

I'm very pleased with the cleaning I was given today. Very thorough and gentle. Very friendly and professional as well.
Don Beck, 9/24/2015
Everyone there was so amazing to me and treated me no different because I had no insurance which happens often. This was the best experience I've had with a dentist office!
Dani Bumgarner, 5/13/2015
I am very pleased with my visit/examination at Hilde Family Dentistry. Their concern with my comfort was exceptional. Their suggestions for future visits/care is quite reasonable.
Dana Rigato, 7/11/2014
In all the years I have gone to dentists, since I was very young, Dr. Hilde's office is the only one that I have felt comfortable in. Dr. Hilde listens to you and explains any procedures that need to be done. Everyone in the office is very caring and friendly.
Bonny Rigley, 6.28.2014
My first visit was very positive, the only negative being that the clinic is out of network for my dental insurance.
Jack Farrell, 10/12/2015
It was my first time and I was very pleased with everything. Looking forward to getting my dental work done in a manor I can afford.They worked me in on a emergency and I was so pleased, as I had been up all night in pain.
Vicki Johnson, 11/8/2015
the new hygienist. amazing!
Stuart Segall, 6/13/2015
Hilde Family Dentistry treated me very well. Staff and doctor were attentive, communicative, and professional. They treated me and my girlfriend (also a patient) very well, like good friends, and listened to all our concerns. They also provided us with multiple options for work that needed to be done on myself and her. I would highly recommend them. My only "complaint" is cost. Dentistry procedures are SOOOO much, but Hilde is actually as cheap or cheaper than other dentists in the area so I can't really criticize them on that either. So, really, that is just a complaint against dentistry in general, not them.
Michael Olsen, 5/20/2014
Everyone was friendly and professional!
Kathy Basnar, 8/20/2015
My kids love coming here and the staff is amazing. Thank you very much for making my kids dental appointments fun.
Casey Quatsoe, 8/25/2015