Recent Testimonials

Excellent service fast and friendly love this place.
Winthrop Timmons, 4/6/2014
My first visit was fabulous! Wonderful environment & friendly, helpful staff. Will be recommending you!
Judith Motta, 11/12/2015
I had a pleasant entrance in to your office. Your receptionist is friendly, professional and very good at her job. I was seen right on time and introduced to Kevin, who would be taking care of me. Kevin was hands down the best hygienist I have ever worked with. He explained everything as he was doing it because he took the time to understand and address my dental fears. The evening dentist was rude and unprofessional...and frankly a jerk. He came in and spoke about not having time to do my comprehensive exam, which is the reason I made an appointment in the first place. Spoke down to me when I told him money would be a factor in determining the path I would choose to address my dental needs. He immediately went in to talk of extractions, he didn't even address the need for fillings and then he left, stating again he didn't have time to do my exam and I would have to come back for it. Terrible experience here except for Kevin. He wins.
Tawny Kemp, 6/5/2015
Everyone there was so amazing to me and treated me no different because I had no insurance which happens often. This was the best experience I've had with a dentist office!
Dani Bumgarner, 5/13/2015
I want to thank the dental assistant who did my teeth cleaning. She did an extra good job.
Theodore Claridge, 11/18/2015
Met Rhonda and she was pleasant and did a nice job of cleaning my teeth. Thank you!
Clancy Sheahan, 7/8/2015
Everyone was nice, understanding, and did everything they could to make the dental procedure comfortable and stress free
Raandi Simpson-Goss, 6/3/2015
Everything is perfect. Don't change anything.
Kip Crawford, 10/11/2015
I was seen quite quickly the next day after having received a check in call on the Memorial day holiday. They offered for me to come in on the holiday if I was in any pain! Thank you all for the quick and helpful service. ~ Jamie
Jamie Jedinak , 5.28.2014
Everyone was wonderful. And I got a great welcome gift for my first visit. All was explained in depth and my comfort level was checked on a regular basis.
Tyler Zanner, 6/18/2015