Recent Testimonials

Very nice beginning. I was actually quite surprised by the attention and respect. Don't see that much these days.
Greg H., 4/19/2014
Very nice beginning. I was actually quite surprised by the attention and respect. Don't see that much these days.
Greg H., 4/19/2014
Every time I have come into the office, I am almost always greeted by name but definitely always greeted warmly. I feel very comfortable and everyone has been extremely helpful and pleasant.
Darinda H., 3/25/2015
Hilde Family Dentistry treated me very well. Staff and doctor were attentive, communicative, and professional. They treated me and my girlfriend (also a patient) very well, like good friends, and listened to all our concerns. They also provided us with multiple options for work that needed to be done on myself and her. I would highly recommend them. My only "complaint" is cost. Dentistry procedures are SOOOO much, but Hilde is actually as cheap or cheaper than other dentists in the area so I can't really criticize them on that either. So, really, that is just a complaint against dentistry in general, not them.
Michael O., 5/20/2014
I was in Friday and Dr. Shireman looked at a problem tooth. I was skeptical about having anyone but Dr. Hilde do this, but Dr. Shireman was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, caring and friendly. What a great addition to the staff. Kathy was assisting and again, made it a great experience. I met Angie for the first time at the reception area. Very welcoming and so helpful. I feel blest to have my dental care in such great hands.
Stuart S., 10/26/2015
Everyone was friendly and professional!
Kathy B., 8/20/2015
I am paranoid and severely afraid of going to the dentist. The staff at Hilde Family Dentistry are kind, compassionate, empathetic, and made sure I was as comfortable as humanly possible before, during, and after my procedure! I don't look forward to going to the dentist by any means...but I will not go to any other dentist. I felt welcome and well taken care of. I know they see patients with delusional fear all the time, but I felt like they were only there to take care of me. Thank you so much to Andrea, Angie, Melissa, and Dr. Hilde for making sure my experience was as comfortable as it could possibly be for me. I was given something to calm my nerves, and of course Nitrous Oxide to help me calm down. It was an hour and a half appointment but I felt like I had just gotten numb and comfortable and the procedure was over. Thanks again to an amazing staff who really know what customer service is all about!
Denise M., 9/30/2015
I am so happy with having moved from another local dentist to the Hilde Family Dentisty? Dr. Roberts and his crew are truly like family. They sing, whistle and even give hugs. I had a really bad day at work and Dr. Roberts felt something wasn't right when he was talking with me during my visit. Instead of brushing me off, he asked me what happened. I spilled the beans and he made me feel so happy and relaxed for having just listened. His encouraging words made me feel like a part of the family. I was then given another hug from his receptionist and when I left there I felt better in the long run. Plus I got 2 new fillings :) I am so happy with my decision to move to another Dentist. THANK YOU HILDE FAMILY???
Kasey C., 7/17/2014
Everyone was wonderful. And I got a great welcome gift for my first visit. All was explained in depth and my comfort level was checked on a regular basis.
Tyler Z., 6/18/2015
Best dental experience in years. Everyone--front office, assistant, hygienist was extremley friendly, helpful and efficient. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
Ruth J., 7/24/2014