Recent Testimonials

I asked Morgan and Kelsey both what they thought after their appointment and Morgan said he felt safer he felt more comfortable and felt the girls new what they were doing better than is last office. My daughter Kelsey told me the same thing. They loved the quiet atmosphere so much better than the chaotic atmosphere they both came from...
Morgan Johnson, 6/24/2015
Hi Team, First and foremost we love Hilde Family Dentistry and will be coming back
Sabrina Rhodes, 3/25/2015
The dental hygenist was very kind, and I overall had a great appointment. They did a good job of explaining everything to me.
Armando Blanco Villasenor,
Overall great experience.
Elsa Schwartz, 10/28/2015
the new hygienist. amazing!
Stuart Segall, 6/13/2015
I am paranoid and severely afraid of going to the dentist. The staff at Hilde Family Dentistry are kind, compassionate, empathetic, and made sure I was as comfortable as humanly possible before, during, and after my procedure! I don't look forward to going to the dentist by any means...but I will not go to any other dentist. I felt welcome and well taken care of. I know they see patients with delusional fear all the time, but I felt like they were only there to take care of me. Thank you so much to Andrea, Angie, Melissa, and Dr. Hilde for making sure my experience was as comfortable as it could possibly be for me. I was given something to calm my nerves, and of course Nitrous Oxide to help me calm down. It was an hour and a half appointment but I felt like I had just gotten numb and comfortable and the procedure was over. Thanks again to an amazing staff who really know what customer service is all about!
Denise Manly, 9/30/2015
Melissa did a wonderful job! The Doctor was very honest and open to any of my concern's.
Michael Griswold, 6/23/2015
I am very pleased with my visit/examination at Hilde Family Dentistry. Their concern with my comfort was exceptional. Their suggestions for future visits/care is quite reasonable.
Dana Rigato, 7/11/2014
I was given excellent care and service in my time at the office. It was definitely better than I expected. I would highly recommend others to Hilde.
Don Herzberg, 7/31/2015
I think your office is great.They made me feel comfortable and Jason explained things perfectly,Right now I cannot use your services but if I ever or anyone I know needs it I will highly recommend you. Thank you so much.
Joann Price, 10/06/2015