Recent Testimonials

Everyone was so friendly and personable. I'm looking forward to my next visit!
Whitney White, 6/3/2015
I asked Morgan and Kelsey both what they thought after their appointment and Morgan said he felt safer he felt more comfortable and felt the girls new what they were doing better than is last office. My daughter Kelsey told me the same thing. They loved the quiet atmosphere so much better than the chaotic atmosphere they both came from...
Morgan Johnson, 6/24/2015
I was in Friday and Dr. Shireman looked at a problem tooth. I was skeptical about having anyone but Dr. Hilde do this, but Dr. Shireman was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, caring and friendly. What a great addition to the staff. Kathy was assisting and again, made it a great experience. I met Angie for the first time at the reception area. Very welcoming and so helpful. I feel blest to have my dental care in such great hands.
Stuart Segall, 10/26/2015
Best dental experience. Great staff. Will be going back there for sure!
Jennifer Vaughan , 10/31/2015
My husband and I were looking for a new dentist, we were very pleased with our first appointments, the team not only took very good care of us but gave excellent care to my daughter who was scared of her last dentist! Thank you so much Hilde Family Dentistry!
Natasha Nick, 7/27/2015
Great team . Great experience !
Susan Tanck, 8/9/2015
Can't comment on any one staff member when all were very personal.
John Wisdom, 7/19/2015
My exrays from the other office were not transferred so we could not go further than the cleaning. The cleaning was great there was a little missed between the lower back side in front could not tell this until I left. Otherwise it was great no sensitivity felt .
Nancy Sharpe, 5/18/2015
Everything was great. Not my tooth though, which I knew was going to be a problem. Thanks all.
Nancy Sayer, 9/11/2015
Very satisfied with the service.
Avis Robinson, 9/19/2015