Recent Testimonials

I took my five year old and I have never seen him sooooo comfortable in a dental chair! He took 2 xrays like a champ. He absolutely loves coming in (once he gets out of the car)! Thank you so much!! I love how friendly the dentists and staff are!
Daniee Fenical,
I love Hilde Family Dentistry. Dr. Jason Hilde has always listened to my concerns and addressed them. His team is validating, informative and gentle. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I tell my friends that Hilde Dentistry is the best.
Cynthia Cooley , 7/23/2014
I've been to a lot of dentists and Hilde Family Dentistry is by far my favorite. The people were friendly (especially my hygienist), the atmosphere was very professional and modern. Loved it!I will definitely be back (as will my husband)
Brandey Davenport, 2/21/2014
Very pleasant experience. Hygienist was friendly and personable.
Scott Rowe, 1/28/2014
Dr. Hilde is the best. I trust him to provide the very best care for me and my family. Even though we don't come in that often, he always remembers our individual treatment situations. His manner is the perfect blend of friendly and professional. I don't have insurance, and they make it easy to work out payment options. It's easy to get after school/work appointments. Really happy we found Hilde Family Dentistry.
Anonymous, 5/21/2014
The staff was very friendly , and extremely helpful. Will return in the future.
Dustin Harvey, 04/15/2014
Great dental experience. The staff was friendly and informative. My appointment started on time and nice clean office. Highly recommend.
Nicole Wyman , 6/25/2014
Dr. Hilde and his staff were fabulous . They made feel very welcome and comfortable. Although my visit was a short one I look forward to going back. Thanks for the great welcome gift!
Holly Gildnes, 3/5/2014
Doctor Hilde and all the staff were so welcoming. State of the art facility. Your every comfort and concern is of importance to them. I would highly recommend this dentist; exquisite dentistry. So pleased with the comfort of the procedures and the finished results were remarkable. Thank you!
Hilary Hopkin-Boyd, 2/14/2014
I am so happy with having moved from another local dentist to the Hilde Family Dentisty? Dr. Roberts and his crew are truly like family. They sing, whistle and even give hugs. I had a really bad day at work and Dr. Roberts felt something wasn't right when he was talking with me during my visit. Instead of brushing me off, he asked me what happened. I spilled the beans and he made me feel so happy and relaxed for having just listened. His encouraging words made me feel like a part of the family. I was then given another hug from his receptionist and when I left there I felt better in the long run. Plus I got 2 new fillings :) I am so happy with my decision to move to another Dentist. THANK YOU HILDE FAMILY???
Kasey Chavez , 7/17/2014