For Your Comfort

At Hilde Family Dentistry, you will experience a positive dental experience in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. To reduce anxiety, pass the time or simply provide distraction, a variety of relaxing materials are available to suit your needs. From music to T.V. or a good movie, you will have a number of comfort options at your finger tips.

Comfort Menu

Reception Area

Relax in our comfy seating area and enjoy a complimentary beverage from our beverage center.

Beverage Center

Complimentary beverages are available for patients and guests at all time. We offer coffee, tea, water, apple cider and hot chocolate.

Entertainment Center

Screens above dental chairs to ease your mind with relaxing slideshows

Courtesy Guest Wi-Fi

Password available at the reception counter to access unlimited Wi-Fi.


Envelope yourself in warmth with cozy blankets.

Support Pillows

Support your neck and legs with pillows while you are getting your treatment done.

Our Powder Room

Free toothbrush available at reception so you can freshen up before your dental appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Relax at your dental appointment by using Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas). It wears off quickly so you can return to work or your daily business right after.

Hilde Family Dentistry has invested in dental exam technology that provides each patient with state of the art care and treatment. Using a noninvasive small exam camera and digital x-rays, you can view your dental exam results on a large monitor along with your dentist. This ensures that all of your questions are answered and that you have a clear understanding of your dentistry needs. These modern technologies also promote patient safety through significantly less exposure to radiation and conventional x-rays when examining your teeth.

A calming and relaxed dental environment, state of the art technology for the dentist and an experienced staff will leave you with a fresh and confident smile.

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